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Personal Reviews From Leading Laser Professionals

Ari's Laser Review is the foremost guide for Cosmetic Laser Reviews. Buying, Selling, Renting and Repair.

My name is Ari and, as the founder of, my goal is to help physicians buy and maintain top quality lasers and avoid the risks associated with the purchasing process. Every day I work with some of the world’s top plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical spa owners both in the United States and internationally who are looking to add a refurbished laser for cosmetic treatments. They trust me to provide them with their cosmetic lasers: cynosure, cutera, candela or palomar starlux 500 and offer a full range of services. Consider me to be your personal contact whenever you need me. I provide free consultations and work hand-in-hand with my clients so that they receive the exact equipment they need. I take the guesswork and stress out of the cosmetic laser buying process and save you money at the same time. No wonder I have scores of reviews from industry professionals!

Integrity, Trust and Unwavering Customer Service

Over the years, I have helped professionals purchase thousands of high quality, state-of-the-art machines and do so without the stress, hassle and worry that so many face when buying a laser machine. I work with many of the top physicians and spa owners in New York, ranging from Elizabeth Arden-Red Door Spa and Dr. Romita to Dr. Bodian and more. I also have clients spread out across the country and the world and frequently travel to Dubai and throughout the UAE. 

We deliver the best service and quality. And we have the references to back it up.

Refurbished Machines Save Physicians, Doctors and Spa Owners Thousands of Dollars

The simple fact is that by opting for a refurbished laser machine, the physicians, dermatologists and medical spa owners I work save thousands of dollars. In short, the cost savings are nothing short of staggering. Buying a refurbished laser system is, in my view, the only way to go. You’ll save 50%-80% off the retail value and receive a 90 day warranty on all work.

Now There is Finally Somewhere to Turn for Real and Accurate: Cosmetic Laser Reviews

By creating, I am providing industry professionals with the kind of accurate and honest cosmetic laser reviews that are almost impossible to find online. Until I created this site, those looking for the most accurate and honest assessment of cosmetic lasers online had nowhere to turn.

This is Site is Built on My Years of Experience and Backed Up By My Industry Reputation

So why trust me? I have years of experience with cosmetic lasers. I literally know these machines inside and out. I have helped countless physicians, dermatologists and medical spa owners navigate the dangerous waters of buying cosmetic laser machines and they will attest to my integrity. 

As one of New York’s most respected and top rated laser experts, I am here to tell you that you need to be very careful. The cosmetic laser industry is a very tricky place and scams lurk around every corner. I am not overstating the case here. With just a quick search on Google, you’ll be able to read the stories of cosmetic laser machines arriving non-functional, in need of serious repair, broken and more. 

People do, in fact, buy machines that simply don’t work and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. And do you really have the time and energy to invest calling your lawyer and suing someone that sells you a laser that doesn’t work? My job is to keep this from ever happening to you.

Read My Customer Reviews

Don’t just take my work for all of this, but instead I strongly encourage you to scroll down and read reviews from leading industry professionals. is the number one place to receive honest, up-to-date and accurate reviews of cosmetic lasers.

Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Spa

"Ari continues to go above and beyond to ensure the needs of our business 

through his quick response time and attention to detail.  Any time that we 

have had an issue, Ari is on site with a technician to make any necessary 

repairs. With their extensive industry knowledge and vast selection of 

equipment, the team is dedicated to supporting and growing your business. 

Your clients and business are in good hands with this team." 

Nicole Morris

General Manager

Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Spa

443 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

"My experience with Ari Marom has been nothing short of excellent, while he had worked for me in the past under a different organization, he was able with his own newly formed company to diagnose what other service companies and the manufacture itself, could not. By means of his diligent effort and relationships in the industry, he correctly detected the problem, took the laser and returned it in less time than anticipated. He not only warranted his work but saved me over $17,000 from the laser manufacturers quote.

He is honest and available, truly a rare find in the medical technology industry. I endorse him with the highest recommendation.

Mauro C. Romita MD Plastic Surgeon, Founder of Ajune: “The Center of Beauty Synergy”.


Do you have questions about a specific laser you want to purchase? Check out our Reviews, Guides or contact me below and I'll call or email you ASAP.

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