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A Guide For Effective Laser Repairs

Find out the best information from Ari's guide for effective laser repairs. Get to know the tips  and the value of preventive maintenance.

We offer a wide range of repair services as well as preventative maintenance. We service cosmetic lasers including IR, IPL, fractional systems and RF. If you are not in the New York area, we can provide repair guidance through video. It is also possible to hire me to travel to your area and provide expert repairs in person.

The Value of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is highly recommended for cosmetic laser machines. It is common for machines to run into problems when maintenance schedules are not observed. It is important to remember that cosmetic laser machines often experience a great deal of use. That fact alone makes preventative maintenance nothing short of critical. No matter what repair issues you have, my team has the expertise and experience. We can handle everything from issues like power supply repairs, crystal and diode replacements and mirror calibrations to cooling system repairs, IPL lamp replacements, minor cosmetic repairs, such as cracks, and much more. 

Our Process

When it comes to hand-pieces, manufacturers will typically replace your old hand-piece with a new version. If a machine breaks, the manufacturers will send technicians to you to handle the repairs. The real difference between the manufacturer and my company is as follows: they charge a service contract that can be $10,000 per year or more plus the cost of the repair. This rate is significantly more money than what we charge our customers. 

We do not charge for service contracts.

That means that when a customer needs a repair, we not only respond very quickly, but also you’ll pay far less than you would if you opted to work with the manufacturer.

Why Choose Our Repairs Over Manufacturer Repairs

We’ve found manufacturers tend to focus solely on the sale. Since salespeople get commissions, their focus is on the sale as well. As a result, customers often find that once the sales process is complete, they simply cannot get the customer service they desire. 

On the other hand, we focus on the relationship. The sale and follow-up process are just as important to us as the sale itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer original parts or are you getting knock off pieces?

All parts are made by the manufacturer or are made by the company that sells to the manufacturer. We do not use any parts that are knock offs or made in China. All equipment and parts are compliant with FDA standards.

Will you always be able to honor the guarantee?


What happens if my laser cannot be repaired?

We give our clients free diagnostics before we attempt to repair a laser. If we don’t think we can handle the process successfully, we will let the customer know before we attempt to repair it. 

Contact Us Today for Expert Repairs

Simply contact us today to learn more about how we can help.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting your machine back to full 


Phone : +1 631 509 2744