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The Truth About Warranties


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The Truth About Warranties

Edan Krolewicz

Warranty is as good as your company you are dealing with. Would you rather get a machine that is perfectly working with 90 day warranty or a decent machine with one year warranty the company doesn’t stand by. Unfortunately, some people in the secondary market look for making a quick buck. They don’t understand the long term goal of a successful long term relationship. As my grandmother taught me, “if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.”

Companies that promise the world, often don’t deliver. When push comes to shove and your machine is down for whatever reason, it is necessary to know that the company who provided that unit for you will be there to support you and have your best interest.

Brokers can often find you amazing deals, but they don’t see the machine or know its condition on a technical lever. Photos can only tell so much. Imagine your real estate broker telling you that the pluming on a house is amazing. How does he know? He really doesn’t. He is looking for the quick buck. If a company is not a full service company, don’t be surprised when your machine goes down for them not to answer your phone call. They don’t care! Full service companies are with you from A to Z. From the moment you invest into your laser machine to when you need parts to when you need service or repairs. Make sure that whowever you work with, you know who they are, who they have serviced and how they can assist you down the road of your success. Ask for references and look for testimonials!